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E-marketing services

E-marketing has become one of the most important concerns of large and large companies, factories, restaurants, shops and small and large tourist villages. Electronic marketing and e-commerce have been characterized by the opening of new markets and targeted customers. The electronic marketing has surpassed the product or service of the regional borders for presence in the local and international markets. And the most important channels of electronic marketing on the Internet is marketing on social networks SMM.

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Art Web Egypt provides you with marketing services on social networks SMM: –

1- Create pages in the name of your company and business on the most popular media platforms (Facebook – Twitter – Entgram – YouTube – and others as you wish)

2. Create consistently compelling content on all pages

3 – Manage all pages on a daily basis even with vacations

4. High quality image, video and visual design

5 – Targeting the right and right to the public interested in your area and commercial activity

6. Show and show your brand on a large scale

7 – Analysis of competitors on their pages and surpass them

8. Continuous development and proving your competence among competitors through all channels of communication

9 – work weekly and monthly statistics on the work page and send it to you

The company also offers you paid ads on Facebook:

– We target people who are interested in your business

– Design images ads professionally and attractive to the client

– Manage all campaigns continuously and even during vacation time

– Get visits and customers and achieve the highest sales at the lowest possible cost

– Make weekly statistics on all campaigns and send them to you

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We are happy to join our list of distinguished customers. Just complete the following form and the Art Web Egypt team will respond to your request within 24 hours. Please note that the response may be delayed in case of dispatch in informal working hours and vacations.

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