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SEO services (Search Engine Optimization )

Seo, or so-called SEO is a means of electronic marketing and is a very important part of the e-marketing service provided by Art Web Egypt and is a seo company and is intended to reach your site to the top search results in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Art Web Egypt provides you with SEO services and site archiving :-

1. Determine the compatibility of the site with the work of a comprehensive study and marketing service appropriate.

2 – improve your activity in an integrated way we study and understand the nature of your services and products, and we work to study competitors in the same field to develop a distinct marketing plan to reach the best results for the emergence of your site in the search engines Google.

3 – Detecting the problems and potential consequences when working on the website is rising in the search engines or the site needs to be changed to another location.

4. Reduce the order of your website in Alexa.

5 – tuning the site and added to the webmaster webmaster google & bing

6 – Adding the site to search engines and most important Google, Bing and Yahoo

7. Continually posting content on the site and showing the products and services you provide.

8- Designing the images of the site with high quality.

9. Add the site to Google Analytics to track your site’s daily visits.

10 – Work and add a sitemap Sitemap to identify the search sites on the site map.

11 – work and add a file Robots to bring search spiders to the site.

12- Publish in the forums and work backlink for all links to the site.

13 – increase the number of visitors to your site by a large increase in sales.

14 – Communicate with customers better.

15 – content management, site management, follow up Google updates to be processed periodically and follow up the number of visitors and what they care about within your site through the pages that visitors come frequently.

16 – Make paid ads on Google, Edward and Facebook to get visits on the site.

17. Submit a monthly report regarding the site’s data, reports and reports.

18. We also have a programmer who is familiar with the software problems on the site and is trying to improve them for SEO.

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We are happy to join our list of distinguished customers. Just fill in the form below and Art Web Egypt will respond to your request within 24 hours. Please note that the response may be delayed in case of dispatch in informal working hours and vacations.

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