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How to add Subaccount User in cPanel

To add a Subaccount User, perform the following steps:

1 – Open cPanel (yourdomain/cpanel).
2 – Click on (User Manager) from Preferences section.
3 – To create a new Subaccount, click Add User.
4 – Enter the user’s name in the Full Name text box.
5 – Enter the username in the Username text box.
6 – If you manage more than one domain, select the appropriate domain from the Domain menu.
7 – Enter a contact email address for the user.
8 – To send an email to the user to set their own password, select the The user will set the account password option. To set the password yourself, select the Set the user’s password option.
9 – Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes.
10 – Select the Subaccount’s services.
11 – Click Create, or Create and Add Another User to add another account.