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How to make a copy of website files in Plesk

To make a copy of website files, perform the following steps:

1 – Logged in to Plesk.
2 – Go to Websites & Domains, and find the name of the website you want to copy.
3 – Click Website Copying.
4 – To copy website files to the document root of an existing site:
A. Select the option Website in Plesk.
B. Select the destination site from the Site name menu.
C. Specify what to do with the files that might already be present in the destination directory.
5 – To copy website files to an FTP account on this or another server:
A. Select the option FTP storage.
B. Specify the server’s host name and credentials for connecting to the FTP account.
C. In the FTP connection method field, leave the Active mode option selected. If Plesk fails to connect to the external FTP account, select the Passive mode option here.
6 – Click OK.