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How to restore all Individual Objects from a backup in Plesk

To restore individual objects from a backup, perform the following steps:

1 – Logged in to Plesk.
2 – Go to Websites & Domains.
3 – Click Backup Manager.
4 – Click the backup you want to restore.
5 – Under “What do you want to restore?” select the “Selected objects”.
6 – Under “Type of object to restore” select the type of objects you want to restore.
7 – Select which objects to restore. All available objects of the selected type are displayed in the “Available” column on the left. Click the objects you want to restore. Those objects will move to the “Selected” column.
8 – Under “Restore”, select whether to restore only the configuration of the selected objects, or both the configuration and content.
9 – Suspend domains until the restoration is completed – checkbox doing so will make your website unavailable until the restoration process is finished.
10 – When the restoration is completed send a notification to – checkbox if you want to be notified via email when the restoration is finished.
11 – Click Restore to begin restoring from the backup.