How To Restore Backup

How To Restore Backup

To restore a portion of your site from an existing backup, perform the following steps:

1 – Open cPanel.

2 – Click on (Backup Wizard) from Files section.

3 – Click Restore. The Select Restore Type section of the interface will appear.

4 – Click the portion of your site that you wish to restore:

  • Home Directory — Restore the /home directory.
  • MySQL Databases — Restore your databases.
  • Email Forwarders & Filters — Restore your email forwarders or filters.

The Restore section of the interface will appear.

5 – Click Choose File and select the desired backup file.

Backup file contents

When you back up your home directory, the backup file includes the following files:

  • All of the files that you own.
  • Files that you do not own, but to which you possess access.