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How to use Site Publisher in cPanel

To create or modify a Site Publisher website for one of your domains, perform the following steps:

1 – Open cPanel (yourdomain/cpanel).
2 – Click on (Site Publisher) from Domains section.
3 – Select a domain from the list of available domains, addon domains, and subdomains.
If you only own a single domain, or if you accessed this interface via a link after subdomain or addon domain creation, the system automatically selects that domain and proceeds to the next step.
4 – Select a template from the available options.
• The Select a Template section of this interface displays a preview image, name, and description for each available Site Publisher template.
• If you selected a domain that already uses a Site Publisher website, the system preselects the current template.
5 – Enter or update the desired website content.
6 – Click Publish. A confirmation message will appear with a link to your new website.