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Professional business e-mail solutions

Professional business e-mail solutions

Professional business e-mail solutions

Give more power for your business with our complete

e-mail business solution

Professional business e-mail solutions
Give the power for your business with professional e-mail for all of your employee

Get more power for your business with our Professional e-mail service available with all cPanel Hosting Packages

Also, you can get a Large Storage e-mail Solution with the Storage Packages

e-Mail Facilities

  • Control panel ( cPanel )
    to allow you to create and manage your employee e-mails any time ( add / remove / change password / change quota … ext. )
  • Unlimited e-mails
    You can create unlimited e-mail accounts under your control panel all @yourdomain name or @anydomain under your control panel
  •  SMTP / POP3 / IMAP 
    All the e-mails will be supported for SMTP ( ports 25 or 465 ) and POP3 and IMAP, which make them works with all the e-mail applications in PCs and Mobile devices
  • WebMail
    WebMail is a web page tools to open and manage any e-mail in your account using the web browser, it also allow the employee to change his password and manage other tools like auto response  settings and other tools
  • Unlimited Forwards/Aliases
    forwards / aliases is a tools to create aliases e-mail ( not a real e-mail account ) for example you can create and make it forward to and , and so on.
  • Autoresponders 
    Here you can configure an email account to send automated emails. This can be useful if you are on vacation or unavailable, or if you have a generic message that you wish to send from a support email address.
  • Default Address 
    This features help to Catch any email that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain.
  • Track Delivery
    This will help to Review an email’s delivery route. This can be useful if you need to locate problems with email delivery, for example you need to check that an e-mail already sent success to the other server, or some one send a lot of e-mails, and many more information about all the e-mails sent form your account
  • Email FiltersGlobal Email Filters 
    Create and manage email filters for an email address or for global account that you specify. This can be useful if you want to avoid spam, redirect mail, or pipe messages to a program, for example you can forward all e-mails comes from to specific e-mail , or specific folder or reject them.
  • AuthenticationDKIMSPF )
    Email authentication helps prevent spam. The options below attempt to equip email messages with verifiable information so that the nature of incoming and outgoing messages can be detected automatically.
    Enabling these features should reduce the number of failed delivery notifications you receive when spammers forge messages from your domain(s). These features also work to prevent spammers from forging messages that claim to be from your domain(s).

    • DKIM
      DKIM is a means of verifying incoming email. It ensures that incoming messages are unmodified and are from the sender from whom they claim to be. This feature works to prevent incoming spam messages.
    • SPF
      The SPF system allows you to specify servers and IP addresses that are authorized to send mail from your domain(s). This feature works to prevent outgoing spam messages.
  • Apache ™
    Apache SpamAssassin™ is a mail filter that identifies spam. It is an intelligent email filter that uses a diverse range of tests to identify unsolicited bulk email, more commonly known as spam. These tests examine email headers and content to classify email with advanced statistical methods.
  • Encryption
    GnuPG is a publicly available encryption scheme that uses the “public key” approach. With GnuPG, messages are encrypted using a “public key” however, they can only be decrypted by a “private key”, which is retained by the intended recipient of the message.


We have a ready solutions to run your e-mail services up to 250 GB of total disk space for your company e-mails, if you need more storage for your company please contact our professional stuff and they will make your special solution